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Computer Engineering

About the Department:
          Computer Engineering includes both the software and the digital electronic hardware aspects of computing, together with data communications. These technologies are at the core of the telecommunications, entertainment and automated systems we use in our everyday lives, and are the lifeblood of today's leading edge companies.
The department came into being in the year 1991, to meet the burgeoning needs of the industry. The Diploma in Computer Engineering (DCE) will aid the student in achieving high levels of proficiency that is commonly valued and respected in the industry.


              Making of successful Diploma holders with full fledged knowledge.
Arranging Industrial Training for students in every semester during vacation period.
Engineering Association is formed every year, so that students are exposed to the latest developments in the field of Engineering via various seminars, workshops, guest lectures, etc.
Arranging more number of Industrial visits during every semester to improve the practical knowledge of students.
Encouraging students to participate in various social, economical and welfare programmes.
Motivating the students to participate in inter and intra-college competitions.
Conducting continual education training for students to enrich their knowledge in various fields.

Lab Facilities:
     Electrical & Electronics Lab
     Linux Lab
     C Programming Lab
     Computer Applications Lab
     Java programming Lab
     Data Structures using C Lab
     Communication and Life Skills Lab
     Web Programming Lab
     Relational Database Management Systems Lab
     Multimedia systems Lab
     .NET Programming Lab
     Computer Servicing and Network Lab
     System Administration Lab


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Subjects for Diploma in Computer Engineering (M-Scheme  2015-2016 onwards)

III Semester
1 Basics of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
2 Operating Systems
3 C Programming
4 Electrical and Electronics Practical
5 Linux Practical
6 C Programming Practical
7 Computer Applications Practical

IV Semester
1 Computer Architecture
2 Computer Networks and Security
3 Object Oriented Programming with Java
4 Data Structures Using C
5 Java Programming Practical
6 Data Structures Using C Practical
7 Life and Employability Skill Practical

V Semester
1 Web Programming
2 Relational Data Base and Management Systems
3 Component Based Technology
4 Elective - I Theory [Cloud Computing, Software Engineering ]
5 Web Programming Practical
6 Relational Data Base and Management  Systems Practical
7 Component Based Technology Practical
VI Semester
1 Computer Hardware and Servicing
2 Mobile Computing
3 Elective - II Theory [ Multimedia Systems, Open Source Software ]
4 Computer Hardware and Servicing Practical
5 Mobile Computing Practical
6 Elective - II Practical [Multimedia Systems Practical, Open Source Software Practical ]

7 Project Work and Entrepreneurship

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