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Electronics and Communication Engineering

About the Department:
            Electronics in Electrical Engineering is limited and deals with Electronics, which are closely integrated with the Electrical Industry. In Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE), the Electronics is discussed more elaborately with lots of design aspects. It deals with the principle of electronics, design, etc and the Communication part deals with Analog and Digital communication (the AM/FM you might have seen in Radio), Television, Transmission of signals through telephones, network etc.
Since the development on this electronics and Communication Engineering is increasing every year, the scope of this branch is very vast. A Diploma in Electronics and Communication Engineering provides the technical skills required to become an engineer capable of coping with the latest trends in the field of electronics.

Lab Facilities:
   Electronic Devices & Circuits Lab
   Digital & Microcontroller Lab
   Television & Optical Fiber Communication Lab
   Industrial Electronics Lab, Communication Engg. Lab
   VLSI Lab, Simulation Lab, Embedded Systems Lab

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II Year/ III Semester

1 Electronic Devices and Circuits
2 Electrical Circuits and Instrumentation
3 C Programming
4 Electronic Devices and Circuits Practical
5 Electrical Circuits & Instrumentation Practical
6 Programming in C Practical
7 Computer Application Practical

II Year/ IV Semester

1 Industrial Electronics
2 Communication Engineering
3 Digital Electronics
4 Linear Integrated Circuits
5 Industrial Electronics and Communication Engineering Practical
6 Integrated Circuits Practical
7 Communication and Life Skills Practical

III Year/ V Semester

1 Advanced Communication Systems
2 Microcontroller
3 Very Large Scale Integration
4 Elective - I [ Digital Communication Programmable Logic Control ]
5 Advanced Communication Systems Practical
6 Microcontroller Practical
7 Very Large Scale Integration Practical

III Year/ VI Semester

1 Embedded Systems
2 Computer Hardware and Network
3 Elective – II [ Television Engineering, Bio-Medical Instrumentation, Electronic System Design
4 Embedded Systems Practical
5 Computer Hardware and Network Practical
6 Simulation Practical
7 Project Work

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