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Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering department is committed to impart high quality competency based education in engineering and technology to the youth to face the challenging needs of the industries with continuous upgradation of infrastructure, human resources and teaching-learning process.
We provide value based short term courses for the students for better placement and higher studies. we also conducted additional training programmes to improve their skills. Additional coaching classes for the weak students is helpful to pass in all subjects. We encourage students to participate state level,intercollege competitions such as project display, technical quiz, paper presentation etc.

Lab Facilities:
Fitting and Sheet Metal shop
Wiring and Winding lab (Workshop)
Foundry, Welding and Smithy Lab (Workshop I)
Lathe shop (Workshop II)
Special Machines (Workshop III)
Computer Aided Machine Drawing Lab
CNC lab ( CIM Lab )
Thermodynamics Lab
Metrology, Machine tools maintenance and testing Lab
Process Automation Lab
Quality Control Lab ( Materials )

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Subjects for Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (M-Scheme 2015-2016 onwards)
III Semester
1 Strength of Materials
2 Manufacturing Processes
3 Machine Drawing
4 Computer Applications and CAD Practical 
5 Foundry and Welding Practical
6 Lathe and Drilling Practical
7 Metrology and Metallography Practical

IV Semester
1 Heat Power Engineering
2 Special Machines
3 Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Power
4 Electrical Drives & Control
5 Strength of Materials and Fluid Mechanics Practical
6 Special Machines Practice
7 Electrical Drives & Control Practical

V Semester
1 Design of Machine Elements
2 Thermal and Automobile Engineering
3 Process Planning and Cost Estimation
4 Renewable Energy Sources and Energy Conservation
5 Process Automation Practical
6 Thermal and Automobile Engineering Practical
7 Life and Employability Skills Practical

VI Semester
1 Industrial Engineering and Management
2 Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing
3 Elective Theory-II [ Refrigeration and Air-conditioning ]
4 Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing Practical
5 Machine Tool Testing and Maintenance Practical
6 Elective Practical-II Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Practical
7 Project work

Staffs of Basic Science Department :

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